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Review: Shadow Study by Maria V. Snyder (Study #4)

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New York Times bestselling author Maria V. Snyder wowed readers with Poison Study, the unforgettable story of poison taster Yelena. Now she's back with a new tale of intrigue. 

Once, only her own life hung in the balance… 

Oddly enough, when Yelena was a poison taster, her life was simpler. But she'd survived to become a vital part of the balance of power between rival countries Ixia and Sitia. Now she uses her magic to keep the peace in both lands—and protect her relationship with Valek. 

Suddenly, though, they are beset on all sides by those vying for power through politics and intrigue. Valek's job and his life are in danger. As Yelena tries to uncover the scope of these plots, she faces a new challenge: her magic is blocked. She must keep that a secret—or her enemies will discover just how vulnerable she really is—while searching for who or what is responsible for neutralizing her powers. 

Yes, the days of tasting poisons were much simpler. And certainly not as dangerous…

Read from: December 8 to December 16, 2015
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I hate that it took me so long to finally read this book even though I know this series is so amazing, but I finally read it and now I’m a happy girl.

I won’t hide the fact that I was worried when I heard Maria was continuing the series. It’s not that I fear that it wouldn’t be good, but I have my couples and I didn’t want anything to happen to them so when the series was done, I could be breath of relief, but then, BAM, she continues and everything can happen.

But this first book of the renewal of the series just had everything that us fans of the series could enjoy. I won’t lie that sometimes, I didn’t know where to set my mind on. A lot was happening and a lot of things didn’t make sense until they did; I loved that. I seriously kept trying to solve their problems before they did and of course, my assumptions never seemed right most of the times. Whenever something was answered, I was more often than not, surprised.

Yelena and Valek. What do I have to say about them? I love them so much and even if they spent most of the book apart trying to solve the problems that were sent their way, I still love them. No matter what, their relationship is never the focus of the books, but it still reflects in everything they do without making us feel like they are over feeding us with their love. Does it make sense? Just read the book and you’ll know what I mean hahaha

Ari and Janco. God I love those guys. I was really happy we got Janco’s point of view in this book, but I wouldn’t mind having Ari’s point of view, but maybe in the next two books that could happen. Anyways, these two always make this book entertaining and I was happy to see them again.

Onora is a nice new addition to the story. I liked her personality and you have to love the banter between her and Janco. I don’t know if something could happen between these two but I would love it very much. I don’t know if I trust her completely, but she shows a lot of potential and I hope that she doesn’t do me wrong in the next books.

Enemies. Some old, some new and some unexpected. But any good hero needs an enemy or enemies or else, this wouldn’t be a Yelena & Valek’s adventure. Weirdly, I don’t know which one of these enemies is the worse at the moment.

And last but not least, the ending. Wow and that ending. Now, I just want the next book and see what will happen next. I need to know. So much could happen and it could take so many directions from there and I’m really curious to see how it will go. I hate that it’s a trilogy because it means we won’t have the ending of that series before 2017 and that alone could kill me.

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