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Recap: Book Event (Yallfest 2015)


In November, I went to Charleston to go to the Yallfest along with my friend Nancy. It's been a while and I've been trying to finish this since I came back from Yallfest, but I never came around to finish it. I'll try to remember as much as I can. The beginning might be more precise because it was done right after, but as I go on, I might forget some things so forgive me :)

So, we left on Thursday morning (November 12, 2015), drove all day until we reached Virginia (I need to remember you all that we left from Montreal) to sleep and left on Friday morning until we reached Charleston in the afternoon.

And it was warm and sunny and just a wonderful weather. Need proof?

So first thing first, we found a parking and then we went looking for the Library to get Richelle Mead's wristband that was going to allow us to have one book signed. We were kind of bummed that we wouldn't get to get books signed on Saturday because you had to be at the Keynote to get a book signed, but we still had Friday and we intended to get our book signed.

When we got there, there was a really huge line and we weren't sure if the whole line was for Richelle or for Leigh Bardugo who was signing at the same place or a mixed of both. In the end, we ended up going in line and waited. Maybe 10-15 minutes later, a lady started distributing the wristbands and I won't lie, I was scared that she would stop before us and we wouldn't get one, but we did and then, we left to see other authors and come back for when Richelle was going to sign.

We tried to get a wristband for Veronica Roth, but they were gone before we even arrived in Charleston so we would have to wait for the next day. While being in that part of the signing, we started our book event with Victoria Aveyard. I will admit that I bought her book even if I had only read 3 chapters so far, but I could tell it was really promising. So we waited and luck was even on our side, she started earlier than 3pm (or it seemed like it) and the line was moving quickly. In that line, we were giving a Bingo card that if you succeeded to fill a line or completely, prizes could be won. Then, I was determined to get it as completed as I could (and that changed the name day when I forgot my card in the car and wasn't bothered to go and get it lol). So finally, it's our turn to go see Victoria and she was really so sweet and you can tell that she was really happy to meet each and everyone coming to see her. She was adorable and I really hope success doesn't change her. And so I got to take a picture with her which was awesome because last year, I didn't get the chance to take many pictures due to me being sick so I wanted to take every picture I could.

After that, we walked towards where Melissa de la Cruz and Margaret Stohl were signing. On the way, we crossed path with Veronica Roth who was on her way to her own signing. I won't lie, I might have thought to stop her and asked her to sign our books but I knew she was already late and I'm sure Nancy had the same thought (honestly, I'm just not sure whether or not we told each other that or not.). So we went two put ourselves in lines. Nancy went for Melissa while I waited in line for Margaret. While she was in line for Melissa, we got to see someone we met at last Year's Yallfest, Sophie. She and her friends also drove all the way from Quebec to go there. 

Nancy quickly rejoined me in Margaret's line when she was done with signing our books and while there was no one for Melissa de la Cruz, I went to see her and asked for a picture. Here's the result (pictures with a table between people aren't always flattering for the person in front lol (in that case, me lol)):

So I went back in line for Margaret and got my books signed and of course, I asked for a picture with her and she seemed to be hesitant at first, but she finally said yes and we took a selfie together. She's also obviously proud of how popular Yallfest is getting each and every new year it happens and she asks us about who we are excited to meet and if we're enjoying ourselves, etc. So, want to see the selfie? No, well, sorry, you're still going to see it :P

After that, we went back to the Library to meet with Richelle Mead and we arrived just in time because there was no one left and she was on her way to leave, but it was nice because we got to talk a lot with her and she was so nice. She even signed the graphic novels that Nancy had thought to bring with her even if the limit was one book per person. I'll admit that I wished that I had the same idea. So, I was of course going to take a picture with her because she is seriously one of my favourite authors. I feel like a giant next to her, but oh well, I can't change it hahaha:

After that, we walked back to where most of the signings were to go see Kiera Cass. The line was the longest we had that day and we were lucky because we were among the last ones she got to signed books for on that day, but she was really nice and she was telling people that if they saw her on the streets, they could come up to her and get their books signed or pictures taken. I seriously adore her. She's simply that sweet. So I got my books signed and picture taken. Told her also that I would try to go and see her in Montreal at the Salon du Livre de Montréal that was being held the week after Yallfest.

Then, we went to buy some marchandise at the Tent and I bought myself the tote bag and a bottle (which I'll admit I haven't used yet, but I will :)) and while we were there, we ran into Kami Garcia and she was looking for her kids, but she took the time to take selfies with us, so here's a picture of the two of us:

So that's what happened on Friday. After that, we went to the hotel, relaxed a little bit and then went to get dinner, got back to the hotel and pretty much just relaxed the rest of the evening because we would need it for the next day.

On Saturday, we woke up early and made our way back to the Yallfest for the whole day. It was actually quite colder than I expected that morning and I'll admit that I could have used a coat, but I didn't feel like going to get it, so I kept on being cold hahaha We waited in a line to get our bracelet for Veronica Roth, but it was kind of mixed with those going to the Key Note. Eventually, we were separated in two lines and we finally got our bracelets for Veronica.

After that, Nancy went to wait in line for Marie Lu because she didn't want to miss her this year and I went in line for Carrie Ryan. While I was there, talked to a few people and even made a girl happy when I offered her to take her book to sign for Carrie because the line for Marissa Meyer was already really long and she was scared she wouldn't get her books signed. She eventually came back in line when someone guarded her place in the other line. Carrie Ryan arrived and I was happy because it was cold and I needed to move hahaha She was really sweet and after getting the books signed for me and Nancy, I got to take my picture with her (I look weird on this, but oh well):

I also ran back into Sophie and we talked a little and she introduced me to her friends Stéphanie who had seen last year also and Aude who was new to the Yallfest experience. From there, we decided to help each other for the authors we had in common.

So after getting my books signed by Carrie and got my books signed, me and Stephanie went together to see Brendan Reichs which was where Nancy was waiting in line for Marie Lu. We gave Nancy Stephanie's book for Marie Lu in case she didn't get to see her while we went inside to meet Brendan. He was really nice and I asked him when he was going to come back to Montreal, which he seemed to agree that he should do soon, so crossing fingers for all the Virals lovers of Quebec. 

He was sitting next to Richelle Mead and while she signed books for those who had bracelets and she was giving samples of her next books and I was able to get one for Nancy and me with the help of Stephanie who already had hers the previous night. Yes, I was multi-tasking.

After the books were signed by Brendan, I asked for a picture:

After that, I went to see Julie Kagawa and Kami Garcia who were both signing at the same place. Aude had kept us a spot in Julie's line and I was watching people getting in line for Kami. So while Aude was gone in another line, we got someone to keep an eye on our stuff while I was getting in line for Kami. I seriously love people at Yallfest because everyone seems to be willing to help out others or I'm just lucky that I got to meet the people who do want to be helpful. So I spent my time waiting going from line to line.

Julie Kagawa arrived first and so a lady was nice enough to keep my spot in line for Kami while I went back to Julie's because Aude wasn't back yet so I was pushing my stuff and hers through the line. So people were nice enough to take some books for me because the limit was three with her Aude's book, I was like 2 books over. But, we seemed to get luck on our side and Aude got back just in time to get her books signed. 

While getting mine signed, I reminded her of her the first time we met her which was last May she seemed to remember me and Nancy's long piles of books and how many time we had to come back to get all of them signed (or she was nice enough to pretend she did remember, who knows lol). Picture was of course a must and I like this one even if it's over the table.

After that, I got back in line for Kami Garcia and the lady who was there was nice enough to wait because her daughter had gotten her books signed both my Margaret Stohl and Kami while she was in line for Margaret and she just waited for me to return. I was really grateful for that. Nancy was still in line for Marie Lu and I was really hoping she would arrive soon because I didn't have her books with me. As I approach the table more and more, I let a few people pass before me to give Nancy a chance to arrive. She finally did and she even took one of my books to get it signed since I had four and she only had two. Kami was still really nice and I asked her for another picture and she agreed:

So Nancy told me she got all of her books signed by Richelle Mead because everyone who had a bracelet for that day had passed so she got to get all of her books signed, so while she went to see our next author, I went back to Richelle Mead and got all of my books signed (well, I did forget a few, but still, she signed a lot of them) and she was even nice because she let me run back to my car to go get some more and I ran so fast hoping to get back in time and I did. She even asked me if we had arrived like at 3am because we had an amazing parking spot (which was just on the other side of the street). I didn't get a picture that time, but let's say, it was for the best, I didn't look that great after running.

So next was Veronica Roth. Nancy was already there and I just joined her up there. The line wasn't really long, but she was sweet because she took the time to talk to everyone and take pictures. Last year, we could only get one book signed with no pictures, but this year, we could get three books signed. I only had two, but I got my best friend's book signed as well since she had missed her last year. When it came my turn, she seemed happy to see a french version of her book (my friend's book).

After that, Nancy gave me her books for the next two authors was going to see for us while she went to see Kody Keplinger and then went in line for Rachel Caine.

The next author for me was Zac Brewer. Nancy and I had both brought our copies of Foretold where he wrote a short story for. He told me that this story was actually inspired by the song Misery by Green Day which I will listen to again and re-read the story at the same time.

After him, I went to wait in line for David Levithan. At first, I was alone and just tried to stay up on my feet, but I was failing at that, but Stéphanie or Sophie or Aude, I will honest, I can't remember which one of them noticed me standing alone and invited me to join them. Stéphanie was also in line for David and she was closer to me while Sophie and Aude were in line for Danielle Paige. And while we were in line, there was this game where you turned the wheel and would win the book it landed on and I went after Stéphanie convinced me to go and got myself a ARC :D

After that, we got and got our books signed by David. He was just so happy and nice and I really liked him. I might not have enjoyed his Every Day series as much I wished I did, but perhaps, I shall read his other books and hope that maybe one of them will call to me :)

So Aude and I then left Sophie and Stéphanie to go join Nancy for Rachel Caine. She was like the fourth or fifth in line. So we chatted or read and waited to get inside. While we were waiting in line, I asked Aude if she could take one book from me and Nancy each since she only had one, but Nancy said that she ought to take two of mine since I brought more and if I could get four books signed, that she could get her four signed too. It turned out, I didn't need the help. Once we got inside, I tried to get four of them signed and told her that I actually had a lot more but would re-do the line for it and she was like: "I can sign all of them quickly!" and so she did. I even went back to my car because I noticed I missed some books. She was really really nice and sweet and she even offered me to send me the DVD of the Morgaville Vampires for free and she did. I received a few weeks ago and she even sent me a copy for Nancy :D

Meanwhile, Nancy had gotten our books signed by Katie McGarry, but I went back to the tent in hope to catch her for a picture and I really caught her at the moment she was leaving. A woman nearly stopped me, but when I told her that my book was signed and I just wanted a picture, she let me through and Katie was just nice enough to take a picture with me.

So that pretty much wraps us the Yallfest weekend. We said goodbye to our new friends and left that night to go back to Virginia and then drove all day Sunday to get back home, which me and Nancy were pretty grateful for.

So want to see what I got signed this weekend? Here's a visual of it:

So you finally have it. It's sort of late, but hopefully, you will still enjoy reading it :)

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