Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard, #2)

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The all-new scorching sequel to Beautiful Bastard!

A charming British playboy. A girl determined to finally live. And a secret liaison revealed in all too vivid color.

Escaping a cheating ex, finance whiz Sara Dillon’s moved to New York City and is looking for excitement and passion without a lot of strings attached. So meeting the irresistible, sexy Brit at a dance club should have meant nothing more than a night’s fun. But the manner—and speed—with which he melts her inhibitions turns him from a one-time hookup and into her Beautiful Stranger.

The whole city knows that Max Stella loves women, not that he’s ever found one he particularly wants to keep around. Despite pulling in plenty with his Wall Street bad boy charm, it’s not until Sara—and the wild photos she lets him take of her—that he starts wondering if there’s someone for him outside of the bedroom.

Hooking up in places where anybody could catch them, the only thing scarier for Sara than getting caught in public is having Max get too close in private.

Read from: August 3 to August 4, 2015
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Wow, Max and Sara are hot hot hot! I won't lie, I really found this book entertaining with all of their encounters. I never expected that when I began this book. Okay, I knew it wasn't going to be conventional sex between them, but I didn't expect them to be so wild.

To be honest, a lot in this I didn't expect and I think that's why I enjoyed the second book of the series more than the first one. Max was really what Sara needed to get over her past even if she didn't get that before a while.

Of course, the characters are never what you expect when you first start to read about them and I think that only keep us more interested to find what's hidden behind the first assumption we got from them.

Sara got on my nerves from time to time though because no matter what happened with Max, she looked to always need to compare to her ex, which believe me was not worth thinking about.

I adored Max. He was a player and cocky, but still, he had something that kept me wanting to have him for myself. The fact that he was British might have helped but really, I think that's because no matter what, he was always honest. Whether you want to hear it or not and I think that's exactly the kind of guy Sara needed.

So I do suggest to readers who started the series and didn't get into the first book to try this second one; they might enjoy it more.

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