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Review: The Me I Meant To Be by Sophie Jordan

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Girl Code: Never date a friend’s ex.

Willa Evans has no intention of breaking the code. So what if she’s always secretly loved her next-door neighbor Zach? As her best friend’s boyfriend, he was always off-limits and it needs to stay that way, even though they just broke up. Even though every time she turns around he’s there, tempting her…

No keeping secrets from your bestie.

Flor Hidalgo has a lot on her plate: her breakup with Zach, her dad’s new dating life, and her struggling grades. So why can’t she stop thinking about her hot, know-it-all tutor? At least she’s got Willa, her constant in the chaos.

Breaking the code breaks friendships.

Two friends find themselves tempted by love that defies the rules in this steamy romance perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Simone Elkeles

Read from: October 14 to October 27, 2018
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I didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this book. I just knew that it was Sophie Jordan writing it and I needed to read it. So I started the story without any expectations really and I was sucked into this book fast.

Willa and Flor’s friendship is your typical best friends’ relationship you can imagine; they do a lot together, tell each other almost anything and have each other’s back no matter what. Everything we are taught that best friends should do.

So when Flor decides to do the Girl Code book after feeling the betrayal from another friend, Willa agrees though she isn’t so keen on the idea, but she knows her friend needs it. So from there, the story unravels where more codes are added and their friendship is tested in ways they didn’t expect.

Willa has always seemed to put everyone’s needs in front of hers and so often, she hides her own desires so the others get what they want. Flor’s ex-boyfriend is part of the ones she hides, but when her friendship with him starts to change, she is more confused about what to do even though the temptation is harder to resist. Zach knows what he wants and that’s Willa and he’s done hiding it, but Willa just can’t seem to let herself accept that it could be true; scared mostly what that betrayal could cost her.

Flor’s life isn’t as most expects. The image she projects to the world is different from what actually is, but she likes it like that. Even her friends don’t know everything so it becomes a surprise to her when she opens up to her tutor, a guy she had never really spoken to before. From there, her life is starting to head towards something she isn’t sure she’s ready to accept and she will fight to keep some kind of control about what she believes she wants which is whatever gives her a sense of comfort.

This book tests the friendship between the two girls, but it’s also about how both girls are growing and are taken charge of what they actually want and need rather than just going for what people expects from them. The outcome isn’t always what you expect and the book is the proof of it.

I really loved the way this book was written in a way that not everything is black or white because not every situation is the same. It’s something that both girls will go through and will have to decide what they want to do about these.

I won’t lie that I would have wanted a bit more into the book because I felt like there were parts in the end that went to quickly and I feel like we could have gotten a little bit more of insight into the aftermath of everything that went down.

But overall, this was just an awesome read and I recommend it to everyone who loves a good YA read.

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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