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Review: Sweet Girl by Rachel Hollis (The Girls, #2)


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Max Jennings is in a bad mood. It’s not anything you did; it’s just that secrets from her past make it her natural state of being. But she’s not going to talk about it or share her feelings, so don’t bother asking.

Max’s bad mood means that very few people actually truly understand her or know that her secret dream is to be a pastry chef. When a rare opportunity to work for world-famous Avis Phillips presents itself, Max jumps at the chance. Avis and her staff aren’t stingy with the tough love, so Max spends every spare minute practicing her craft. As she bakes brownies and custards, cookies and galettes, she builds an unlikely friendship with a man she once loathed and finds herself falling into something she’s spent the last six years avoiding. Will she let her painful past stand in the way, or will she muster the strength to forgive herself and realize her full potential?

Read from: November 23 to November 24, 2015
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Before getting on with my review of this book, I need to tell you just how much I'm in love with Rachel Hollis's writing. When I added the first book of the series on Goodreads, I just had read the summary of it and didn't hesitate to add it to my to-read list. When I saw a video of her promoting her book, I fell for her bubbly personality and how fun she seemed to be. Then, I knew that I HAD to read her book.

After that, I finally got my hand on her book and read it as often as I could read it and devoured every single page of it. So now, that I finally got my hands on her second book, I knew the moment I would start this book, I wouldn't be able to stop.

And that's what happened.

I always liked Max probably because I felt that behind all the sarcasm and the i-dont-really-care attitude she was trying to project, there was a story that would explain a lot and I was right (okay, maybe it was obvious to everyone, but just pretend that I'm really smart :P).

Max's character goes through a lot in her book. New job, new friends, new feelings, etc. Some are good for her, some are bad, but either way, I feel like she grew a lot through all of this. She may not make the wisest decision reaction-wise (does that make sense? you tell me.), but that makes her just more relatable to everyone.

And what do I have to say about Taylor? I love him. I never really saw him as a jerk even when Max acted like he was. I just felt like there was a lot about him that we still needed to learn about. His witty attitude was really fun to read especially around Max. The both of them could entertain a room full of people with their banter. Things we learn about him just shape us the kind of man that he is and really, so far, I think he's my favourite boy of the series.

Now, about them together... Well, that was something else to see. I really liked that they became friends before anything else. I liked to see the transition between enemies to friends to best friends, etc. It wasn't rushed or love at first sight, it just seemed somewhat normal and I loved that. It seemed easy for them and I believe that Max and Taylor needed that to work up to something more.

Max's fear of commitment of any kind was frustrating at moments because before we know what happened, we can't understand why she can't tell him or anyone for that matter and I won't lie, even after learning the reasons behind all of it, I felt like like shaking her and telling: "They are your family and they would have been there for you.", but maybe the story would be different and maybe boring so I guess it was needed hahaha

Taylor's patience through all of this was something that just touched me so much. Everyone needs a Taylor.

This book made me tear up on more occasions that it should be allowed in a book, especially when I'm at work or a bus and I can't very well hide it. But it made me laugh, made me smile and like I previously said, it made me mad. A lot of emotions for one book.

Okay, I'm stopping because I feel I'm about to spoil a lot of people so just read the book if I didn't already. If I did, I apologize.

So overall, READ THIS SERIES :)

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