Monday, November 9, 2015

Recap: Book Event (Manners & Mutiny Tea Party! with Gail Carriger)


So on Saturday, me and my best friend Sonya drove to Saratoga Springs for a book signing with the author Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate series, Finishing School series, The Parasol Protectorate Manga, The Custard Protocol series). If you don't know, her, I highly recommend that you check out her series.

So we left around 10:15am and crossed the customs to go the States. It's just so funny when you tell them you're just going to a book signing. They really just look at you like... "Seriously? You're driving over 3h30 just to go to a book signing?" and the answer is Yes; a 100% Yes.

So we drove and came across a lot of cops and we're like... is there something going on? We don't usually that many on the highway, but oh well... We decide to concentrate on the book signing that was to come.

So we arrived in Saratoga Springs around 4:30 (just so you know, we stopped to eat, put gas and other stops, not that you actually care, but oh well). We find a parking and head towards the bookstore.

Once we arrive, we see the table is already set for the signing, but we don't know where the Q&A will happen. So I go and purchase her latest book and asked the cashier and he sent us to the café directly connected to the bookstore. Some readers are already there and the age range is really wild. I see young girls just like much older ones and even a few men who are there to listen to Gail.

We find ourselves seats and wait for the event that started at 3pm. Finally, she's being introduced and right then, I knew that I was going to love her.

She doesn't stay still for very long and she tells us that is due to her years of teaching, so getting pictures where kind of hard, but I did get a few:

I won't lie, I really liked her style and it totally fitted her personality. So the Q&A lasted around 45 minutes and I got to ask her a few questions one of them being whether or not there would be mangas for the 4th and 5th book of the Parasol Protectorate series and she told me no. One the reasons mentioned was that the creator of the manga had other projects she wanted to work on and Gail didn't want to change. Other reasons mentioned would spoil the series for some people, so I won't tell them.

After that came the time for the signing. We were sent me and my best friend at the end of the line because of the pile of books that I had which was totally alright with me. I know it would suck for those who only had one book or two. Wanna see what my pile looked like?

Add to that that I also have 5 more books that I got signed for my friend Nancy who couldn't come because she had to work. Took a picture of Gail signing one of those books for her:

So after that, we got to talk a little bit and when she saw that my best friend's books were in French, she started to tell us about how in French readers were the ones that awarded her the most often.

And of course came the time to take pictures and we got two. Someone in line offered to take the picture so me and my best friend were in the picture together.

After that, we walked a little bit on the street and took pictures like two tourists. Not posting them here because I didn't think of getting them out of my cellphone. Overall, this was an amazing day and amazing event.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Gail Carriger and Northshire Bookstore for hosting it!

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