Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday: Latest Book Haul

Bought at

Amanda Hocking
Ice Kissed

Lauren DeStefano

One Direction
Who We Are

Damn you bookoutlet! I wasn't supposed to buy more on your site, but I surrendered to temptation again.

Bought at Yallfest

Richelle Mead

Alexandra Bracken
Through the Dark

So I wasn't supposed to buy anything there, but I guess it's harder to resist being surrounded by books. I need to work on my temptation.

Bought at Le Salon du Livre de Montréal

Valérie Auclair
À la conquête de l'acteur fabuleusement séduisant

Jérémy Demay
La Liste : on a tous droit au meilleur de la vie

Patrick Delisle-Crevier
Raconte-Moi Joey Scarpellino

I was only going to buy one book there. Just ONE. But I ended buying two more and that doesn't include the two others I bought for my nephews.

Bought at Walmart

Anne Robillard

Élisabeth Tremblay

Bought at Archambault

Anne Robillard
A.N.G.E. Genesis
Enlilkisar, le Nouveau Monde

India Desjardins
La Célibataire
La Célibataire : Survivante

These books I bought for the Salon du Livre à Montréal event. Since they were all for the same event, I am just writing this once or else, it will only be a repeat of the same sentence lol

Bought at Chapters Indigo

Melissa de la Cruz
Triple Moon

I bought this book before the Yallfest, but when I did my last book haul, I forgot to add that book to it and now, I even lost the cover of it and I'm wondering where it disappeared to.

Bought and Received signed

Rachel Hollis
Sweet Girl

So I sent money to my friend who sent money to our friend Kris who was going to meet the author for us and get the book signed and Kris sent them back to Nancy and now, I have it in my possession. I'm so thankful for Kris for doing this for us. I love ya loads girl :) Let me know when I can return the favour :D

So this is it for now. Might have one more book haul for this year, but you never know when temptation could be calling me ;) Until next time.

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