Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review: The Scandal of It All by Sophie Jordan (The Rogue Files, #2)

Here's a little bit about The Scandal of it All
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Book 2 in the The Rogue Files

It takes two to make a scandal…

What kind of woman ventures into London’s most notorious pleasure club? An outsider like Graciela, the Duchess of Autenberry, snubbed time and time again by society because of her Spanish roots. Ela longs to take a lover for a single, wild night, and within the walls of Sodom there are gentlemen to suit every forbidden taste. If only she were not so drawn to the smoldering Lord Strickland…a dangerous man who sees beyond her mask, and could ruin her reputation with a mere whisper.

Lord Strickland never permitted himself to fantasize about the sultry, off-limits lady, but then he never expected to find Ela in a place so wicked, looking for what he’s more than too happy to give. She may not be to the ton’s taste, but she suits him perfectly. First, however, he must convince her to trust in this dangerous desire—and in the promise of forever unleashed by one wild, scandalous night.

Read from: June 24 to June 26, 2017
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I was really looking forward to this one because I really wanted these two characters to have their own book. Sophie Jordan brought us a story about a taboo relationship between the Duchess of Autenberry and Lord Strickland and made us want more.

Gacriela was a character that I really liked in the previous book because she was just so open-minded and had such a big heart for the people around her. Her daughter and her family are everything for her and she always try to put them before her no matter what. She also has a lot of character and has dealt through the year with people judging her for her roots.

In this book, she follows her friend's suggestion and I feel like it might be the first time she actually does something for herself as she follows her friend to Sodom. Taking a lover seemed like a good idea, but the experience at the club wasn't what she expected. As she finds herself alone at the club, she is cornered and she fears of what might happens when she is saved by the one man she shouldn't even feel attracted to, her stepson's best friend, Colin.

Colin is like any man in these books which means he enjoys the women's company a lot. Along with Graciela, he was a character I just liked because he was simply a good guy. He was easy going and you could tell from the previous book that he was also attracted to the Duchess. We learn more about his family in this book, especially his grandmother, who is really a hard lady who is really narrow-minded if you ask me.

As she finally surrenders to her desire and let Colin into her bed for one night, Graciela wasn't expecting what that one night was going to do for her future. She tries to deal with the aftermath alone even though she confides in her friend, but it's not an easy situation.

As Colin tries to pursue what they both started, more drama comes and complicates their little encounter. This will lead to a few misunderstandings for the two main characters as they try to deal with their situation.

This book was quite interesting and I really liked how Sophie approached the subject about this book. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book because the ending really got me curious about what could be written in the next one. So be sure to pick up the latest book by Sophie Jordan in her Rogue Files.

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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