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Recap: Book Event (Apollycon 2016) - Part 2

RECAP: Apollycon 2016 - Part 2


I started writing this a few days after Apollycon, but I never got around to finish it and let's face it, it's been over 3 months and my memory isn't that perfect so I'm going to make really a big summary of everything. I love talking about each author I met but right now I'll just make a few sentences for each of them. I apologize in advance that I won't go into detail like usually. :( (for better or worse, its up to you lol)

I still had to do it in two parts, so for PART ONE, you just need to go there.

Okay, we first in line the next morning for the signing. We were entertaining ourselves with our reading of the moment. I remember I finished Hard as It Gets by Laura Kaye while waiting to get inside. We could see the authors getting their tables ready for the day.

When we were finally let in, we went straight to Jen, Drew and Pepe knowing the line would get long really quickly. And one thing you have to know about Jen, she won't let you leave without taking a picture.

The picture at the top is the one taken when I first saw them. I saw her again later and I took selfies with the two boys. The selfie with Jen was actually taken at the Party that night.

Just a little story about the Jen's line. If I had waited in line the whole time for getting the rest of my books signed, I wouldn't have seen any of the other authors I wanted to see due to Jen's really big popularity. I was lucky to meet Agathe and her husband who were nice enough to keep my place in line while I ran to see all the authors. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten that chance and I'm so thankful for them!

So while Agathe kept my place in line, I went around to meet the authors that I wanted to see. We went to see Jay Crownover, Abbi Glines, Cora Carmack, Wendy Higgins, Sophie Jordan, Rachel Harris, K.A. Tucker, Jen McLaughlin with whom I had already taken pictures so to make things quick, I didn't take more pictures with them, but meeting them was as always awesome. The swags they were giving us could fill a suitcase seriously.

And Sophie Jordan and Rachel Harris made my day when they gave me an ARC of their books. If I had listened to myself, I would have jumped and hugged them.

Nancy also went to see a few more authors than me, so she grabbed my tote bag and got them to sign it. She actually got a few of my books signed for me because I was in line for Jen too.

So who did I meet for the first time on Saturday and got pictures with? Well, let's start with Alexandra Bracken. I first met her at Yallfest 2014. I was sick and waited in line for a long time and she was really sweet and even hugged me when I told her how long we drove so I could meet her. She was sweet then and she was still sweet. So this time, I got my picture taken with her. She was even happy to see one of her books that I got signed for my best friend translated in French.

After that, I saw Marissa Clarke and when I got there, I was just in time because I bought the last one of her books that I wanted. I count myself really lucky. She is such a nice lady and I'm looking forward to read more from her.

For the first time, I met Erin Bowman. I only read Taken from her series, but I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to read the next books. She was really sweet and we talked a little before I had to run to another author.

Laura Kaye was really one of the nicest people I met that day. I had spoken to her on facebook which is why I had bought one of her series. I even finished her book while we waited that morning. Note to authors, if you are really nice, I'll end up buying your books hahaha I even bought more books of hers at the event and she signed all of them without complaint lol

Rachel Vincent made my day too when I went to see her. I told her how much I loved The Stars Never Rise and I saw that she had an ARC of the sequel The Flame Never Dies. I joked asking if she would give it to me. She told me it was her only copy and then after a moment, she just said: "Come back at the end of the signing". It took me a moment to believe what I had just heard and I was seriously happy and devoured this book the following week.

I saw Suzanne Young too. I only got to read The Program, but the story is really interesting and I'm looking forward to read the rest. I also bought her other book Hotel Ruby and I'm curious about it. She was really nice too. I will admit that I have yet to meet an author that wasn't nice actually at these events lol

At the last Apollycon, I got in my tote bag Trisha Wolfe's book Fireblood. I have yet to read it, but I really wanted to meet her and see what other books she wrote. I promised her that this year, I was going to read her book and I intend to keep that promise.

Next I went to meet Tessa Bailey. I only own the book she co-wrote with Sophie Jordan, but I do intend of finding more of her books. She seems to have enough of them for me to get some that I will love. She was so sweet and I really think that she might have found a new reader in me.

I had to wait a little before Brigid Kemmerer came back to her table. She had a little emmergy call to make, but I didn't mind really. When she arrived, she was just sweet and funny and worth the way. I told her how much I loved her Elemental series and hoped that the rumor of a 6th book was going to come true.

I was near Jen at that moment when I saw Nichole Chase about to leave and Nancy had gotten my book signed by her but I really wanted to meet her and have a picture, so I quickly left the line for a minute to snap that picture and tell her I was looking forward to read her book.

The Party

So after the long and busy day, Nancy went back to our room, check our books, try to put them into our suitcases and still have the correct weight for the airplane as to not pay an extra. Then, we went to grab our food, got back to our room to eat and prepare ourselves for the Party.

When, we got there, I saw Agathe, her husband, Ashley and her mother (whom I met in line for Jen also). We talked a little, but when we finally got in, Nancy and I went for the furthest table in the room and they didn't follow. At the entrance, we got a new tote bag and in it, I had gotten Laura Kaye's new novella which made really happy. I also went to her and asked her if she would sign it.

After that, I took pictures of the cake, cupcakes and the standees in the room. The one covered was actually the new cover of the third book in the Titan series which was shown later that night. And you see The Return poster? I had actually won this, but since I couldn't bring it back home with me in the plane, I gave it to Agathe for thanking for what she did for me that day.

While we waited for more Jen, Drew and Pepe to arrive, I went to see authors that I wanted to meet and hoped to read their books this year. First, I went to see Jamie Shaw who was just happy to make me happy with a picture. We even have Ron trying to photobomb us.

Jamie was with Jennifer Jenkins who wrote the book Nameless and that my friend Nancy devoured it and recommended. So hopefully, I will get to read it soon. If you meet her, you'll see just love her bubbly personality.

With them, I found Julie Reece who I should adore just because she has an awesome name hahaha But I'm looking forward to read her series.

And while she was on the dance floor, I went for Amalie Howard. I have yet to read her books, but it should be done this year. Man, I think all these new authors are going to make me go bankrupt lol

And did I want more pictures with Jen, Drew and Pepe? Of course I did, so I took a group one and decided to do individual ones as well.

Here are Agathe and her husband and below, you have me and Ashley. I'm really happy that I met them and can't wait to see them again at the next Apollycon :)

Want to see what I got signed over there? Here's a pictures of all the books I succeeded to get signed. I'm surprised that I did, but the proof is there hahaha.

I also got the Apollycon tote bag with all the signatures and the signed posters framed:

So this wraps my recap and I would like to end this with a HUGE THANK YOU to Damaris and everyone involved in organizing this amazing event. You were all so helpful throughout the whole weekend.

And of course, a HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer L. Armentrout, Drew Leighty, Pepe Toth and all the authors who made this an incredible experience.

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