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Review: Beyond Me by Jennifer Probst (Sex on the Beach, #2)


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Spring break in Key West with my besties was supposed to be casual fun. But I never expected to meet James Hunt. Sex and frolic? Yes! A relationship? No. But his hot blue eyes and confident manner drew me in. And when he let me see the man behind the mask, I fell hard, foolishly believing there could be a future for us. Of course I never considered our relationship might be based on lies…or that his betrayal could rock my foundation and make me question everything I believed in…


The moment I saw Quinn I knew I had to have her. She hooked me with her cool eyes and don’t touch me attitude. I had it all, money, social status, and looks. I could get any girl I wanted…until her. When my friends challenged me with a bet to get her into bed by the end of the week, I couldn’t pass it up. But sex wasn’t supposed to turn into love. She wasn’t supposed to change me, push me, and make me want more for myself. She wasn’t supposed to wreck me in all ways. And now, if I can’t turn my lies into truth, I just might lose her forever…

Read from: August 24 to August 25, 2015
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So the next book in the Sex on the Beach series was written by Jennifer Probst. I didn't know what to think when I first realized that it was three people writing this series with each their own books, but my doubts were quickly erased from the first few pages of this book.

If Jen McLaughlin and Jennifer Probst both write differently, the transition was done smoothly and I didn't feel like I was reading two books so out of the reach from one another if it makes sense.

So this book concentrates on one of Mackenzie's best friend, Quinn. I liked her from the first lines in Jen's book and Jennifer made me love her more. She had an attitude that I liked. She really the kind of girl you can easily relate to and I think that's why she's so far my favourite female character of the series so far.

James was something else. I really liked him even with the stupid bet in plan because you could tell that he cared about her, whether if he realized it or not as early as us readers. He looked so confident, but he was so vulnerable at the same time. Quinn really brought out the best out of him.

Both of them learned a few different lessons in this book that made them grown. So a fun week in the sun became just a little bit more for those two in more ways than one.

The story was short, but I really enjoyed this book. This is totally the book I would recommend to read on the beach one sunny afternoon and a nice cold drink to enjoy this.

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