Monday, September 14, 2015

Recap: Book Event (RARE 2015)


So I arrived at the Bonaventure Hotel with less than 5 hours of sleep in my body and alone. My book event buddy being unavailable to be there (she was there through her books she left me to get signed though hahahaha). So arrived a few minutes before the book retailer opened, ready to buy two copies of Christina Lauren's latest books.

And there were none. They hadn't been delivered to the right address. So after a few calls, they sent someone grab 18 copies of the said book and me and two other girls kept watch at the book retailer while being in line to get inside for the VIP time and once we saw the guy coming back, two of us rushed to the books.

The other one was really sweet and got inside along with my suitcase which I was really grateful for. :)

So then began the tour for my authors. I will admit that I didn't go see all of the authors present. I was really tired and though I was really excited, I just wanted to do the authors I was set to in the beginning and leave to go to my bed. Below, see proof of how much I needed sleep:

So first stop was Heidi McLaughlin (The Beaumont series, Lost in You series, The Archer Brothers series, The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire). She was really impressed with my pile of books (which was a total of 16 books) because I had my own and my friend Nancy's books to get. She had a few copies on her table and once I passed through them, her assistant had to refilled them. She was nice and told me that her first book in the Beaumont series (Forever My Girl) was going to be a movie and I got really excited. I will definitely go see it and I'm really intrigued to see who will play each character.

So below, you see Heidi signing one of the many copies she signed for me. This one was actually for my friend: 

And this is me and her:

Next stop was with Alice Clayton (Cocktail series, Wild Seasons series). So my pile of books was slightly less big there. I had about 10 books to get signed. She was really sweet and she told me about her new book series that she is co-written with Nina Bocci. The first novel will be called Roman Crazy and should come out next year.

So here's a picture of her with me: 

After that I was wondering who to go see next so I went to see Jennifer Probst (Sex on the beach series, Marriage to a Billionnaire series, Steele Brother trilogy, Searching For series). She was really one of the sweetest authors I met there. She was really excited to be in Montreal and you could tell she was really happy to be there. Bought two of her books but I intend to read more when my bank account allows me.

So of course I had to take a picture with her:

So between two of my authors, I went to see Carina Adams (Bama Boys series, The Bastard series) for my friend. She was lovely and asked me to say hi to my friend and tell her she was sorry she had missed her. I didn't have the time to read her books, but I will try to read them in a near future; I mean, she was just so nice.

Next came Helena Hunting (Clipped Wings series, Pucked series, The Librarian Principle). So I didn't get to finish Clipped Wings before the event. I actually read only a few chapters, but I was really hooked on her writing style that I bought the two books before the event. After meeting her, I finally decided that even if I didn't have that money to buy The Librarian Principle because it was really asking me to buy it and to read it hahaha.

Here's me and Helena: 

After that, I went to search for my friend's authors because I really wanted to be sure I had all of her books signed since she couldn't be there so Sarina Bowen (The Ivy Years series, Gravity Series, Him (co-written with Elle Kennedy)) was next. We spoke a little and I admit that I wasn't sure if I would read her books, but now, I just have to. I wish authors were less nice so I didn't feel like reading their books and keep my bank account happy ;).

Next I went to see J.M. Darhower (Sempre series, Monter in his Eyes series, Forbidden series, Extinguish series). I didn't know that author so it was nice to meet her. I read the summary behind the book my friend bought from her and I might have to add it to my to-read list. She was really nice and so was her little helper. And I have to add this: she had the coolest tattoo on her arm of captain america and Winter Soldier (Bucky).

Next I went to see Shay Savage (Surviving Raine series, Even Arden series, Caged series, Offside). So when I went to see her, she wasn't there, but a cute guy was there. I'll admit that I didn't know if he was a cover model or helper at first, but he was still very cute. So while waiting for Shay's return, he got the book for my friend and we had a little problem to solve before I could walk away with it, but it was all good. They were both nice about the whole thing. And while looking at the stuff on her table, I had my answer; he was a cover model.

So then I went to see Ilsa Madden-Mills (Briarcrest series, Dirty English). She was really nice and if I'm not mistaken, she was there with her husband who was really nice also. Helped her out with the books while she signed the two stacks for me and my friend. I was running out of time for the VIP hour or else, I would have asked her about her upcoming book Dirty English, but I'm still excited to read that book.

And did I take a picture? Of course and here is that picture:

And last but not least, I met Christina Lauren. Well, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings to be more accurate. These two authors are co-written series like Beautiful Bastards and Wild Seasons. They were really nice and we talked a bit. They liked my Jensen and Jared T-shirt and Christina told me about her upcoming photo-op with Chris Evans (yes, I was extremely jealous),

So here's a picture of me with these two ladies:

So what did I get signed, well, let's find out:

Of course, I got myself and Nancy some swags from there, so look at what authors had to offer us:

Imagine if I had stopped at each author's table how much more stuff I would have. Anyways, I had a great time and talked to nice authors and people. If I wouldn't have been so tired, I might have survived to come back after the lunch break, but I went home and fell asleep,

But before I actually had to go home, I went to give my friend Nancy's books to her work place. Caught her while she was on her lunch break and she was really happy with her signed books so it made me happy.

So that's the recap of my RARE 2015 book event.

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