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Review Tour: Riveted by Jay Crownover (Saints of Denver, #3)

Here's a little about Riveted
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Out February 14, 2017
Book 3 of the Saints of Denver series

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men books comes the next installment in the Saints of Denver series.

Everyone else in Dixie Carmichael’s life has made falling in love look easy, and now she is ready for her own chance at some of that happily ever after. Which means she’s done pining for the moody, silent former soldier who works with her at the bar that’s become her home away from home. Nope. No more chasing the hot as heck thundercloud of a man and no more waiting for Mr. Right to find her; she’s going hunting for him...even if she knows her heart is stuck on its stupid infatuation with Dash Churchill.

Denver has always been just a pit stop for Church on his way back to rural Mississippi. It was supposed to be simple, uneventful, but nothing could have prepared him for the bubbly, bouncy redhead with doe eyes and endless curves. Now he knows it’s time to get out of Denver, fast. For a man used to living in the shadows, the idea of spending his days in the sun is nothing short of terrifying.

When Dixie and Church find themselves caught up in a homecoming overshadowed with lies and danger, Dixie realizes that while falling in love is easy, loving takes a whole lot more work…especially when Mr. Right thinks he’s all wrong for you. 

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If you have been on my blog for a while now, you know that Jay Crownover is one of my favourite authors. There isn't a book of hers that I don't love or a series that didn't catch my eye. When I received this ARC for Riveted, I was jumping up and down seriously because I was really excited to read it and I wasn't disappointed at all.

I'm trying to find where to start my review without is being too spoilerish and it's hard. So, let’s just type and see where it will take us, shall we?

Let's start with the characters...

Dixie is simply a good person; too good if you ask me. She has a golden heart and she will always be there for everyone she cares about whether its family, friends or the man she’s madly in love with. She has a zest for life that not a lot of people possess. But that doesn’t mean she had or has an easy life. Not everything was or is always beautiful in her life, but she prefers to not let those things bring her down. It's actually her need to help others that is the reason she agrees to follow Church back home and pretend to be his girlfriend for a few days. She knows it wasn’t a good idea, but she can’t seem to refuse him. I believe that this journey didn’t only teach Church a lot about himself, I think it taught Dixie to think about herself more; that she can be put first instead.

Church is a complex character that you just want to dig deep and see what happened to him to become the man he is now. He is not a bad person at all, but he doesn’t let others become close to him; he always keeps a distant between them and him. When he and Dixie leave on this trip to his hometown, you embark on a journey you didn’t expect. I won’t lie, I had imagine a past a lot more different than the one you discover as his past is unraveled. You can see the little boy he used to be, the one who lost so much so fast and how it affected him and others around him. Church grows a lot in this book and even if he still has a lot to make peace with, he is still willing to make things better for him and the people he cares about.

The relationship...

Dixie and Church have something together. It's just not an easy road for them to get there. Church has a lot of fear inside of him when it comes to letting people close and though Dixie would do anything for him, she isn't completely ready to be destroy by the man she loves. Both of them have a rocky road, but their story is so worth following. I'm not writing much because I might really let out spoilers, but believe me, you will follow their journey and want to see where it will all lead and what it will mean to the both of them.

Drama comes and go....

But romance is not only the main subject of this story, oh no, you will have some drama happening in this book. Some will come from Church's family and some will... well not hahaha Stopping this here again because spoilers might revealed if I continue.

So yes, this another book of Jay that I recommend you read like YESTERDAY. It was an amazing read and once again Jay created interesting characters and you will have your share of feels throughout this book.

I was giving an advanced copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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About Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked MenThe Point, and the Saints of Denver series. 

Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she’ll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.


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