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Review: More than Friends by Monica Murphy (Friends, #2)

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He's not perfect, but he's all I want...

I’m your average girl at your average high school, trying to figure out my place in life. After catching my now ex-boyfriend messing around with my now ex-best friend, I’ve made some big changes. No more band, no more backstabbing friends and no more boring old life. Now I have new friends, a new job and new interests.

But there’s a certain someone who’s interested in me, and I don’t get it. Jordan Tuttle could have anyone he wants. He’s the most popular boy in school. Rich, gorgeous, smart and the star quarterback, he’s perfect. Yet he acts like he wants no one else but…me.

So despite my fears and doubt, I let him get close. Probably too close. I discover that he’s not so perfect after all, but it doesn’t matter. I’m falling for him, even though he runs so hot and cold. I know someday he’s going to break my heart.

And I’m going to let him.

Read from: November 6 to 8, 2016
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So I was super excited to read Amanda and Tuttle's story. I was jumping up and down when I finally got my hands on it and read it. It took me two days to finish it and when I was done, I was asking for more especially with how Monica Murphy left us hanging a little (she's really a meanie lol).

But I loved how she got deeper into these characters. Amanda is still my favourite female character of the series even if sometimes, she annoyed me, but it was mostly due to her doubts  which I won't lie, I would totally and probably feel the same if I had been in her shoes, but she's a character who's quite open and she doesn't hide behind a fake persona. She will tell things as they are and that's it.

Before I go to Tuttle, let's go back to some of the characters from the first book...

Her friendship with Olivia is quite entertaining and I loved that she didn't try to hide it when Olivia ended up annoying her. She was a real friend who told her the truth to her face whether Olivia liked it or not. And even if it wasn't explored more in this book, I think that it sort of helped Olivia to have a honest friend like Amanda.

And Amanda also started a sort of friendship with the Emily I didn't really like in the first book and in this book, I hated her a little bit less. Monica Murphy created a character who is the perfect patsy to be annoyed with in the first book, but in the second one, she's trying to give her  a more humane face. I'd like to know whether or not it's going to stick or she'll revert to the Emily from the first book.

Dustin and Ryan aren't as present in this book as the first one and it's probably why they didn't annoy me as much, but I will admit that Ryan is sort of growing on me and I could tell there was another side to him other than the wild party animal who wants to jump on any girl. Dustin wasn't even less in the book than Ryan though he was mentionned a few times especially whenever Olivia saw him and his new girlfriend. Olivia wasn't actually thrilled about that part, but she eventually seemed to get over it which was good. I'm hoping their friendship can be salvaged somehow.

Okay, enough about the others... Let's talk about Jordan aka Tuttle and seriously, just one of my favourite guys in this series even if he tends to do a lot of stupid things. I like the way he interacted with Amanda; these two really have something going on with them, but he definitely has a lot of issues to work on and in this book, we go in dept about his family and where his commitment issues come from. Sometimes, I wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be fine and some other times, well, he would have deserved a kick in the butt.

But Amanda and Jordan are adorable together when they took away the fear and doubts that could come cloud their happily ever after. They care so much for one another and to think that it keeps being set back because she has doubt or he's scared, it broke my heart each time.

 I was left feeling unhappy because their story didn't have an end, but I was also excited about another book so I'm looking quite forward to see where the author is going with this. I want them to have a happy ending, with or without each other (I'm more leaning on the together part, but who knows what Monica Murphy is thinking lol)

So yes, I'm looking forward to the next book and I can't wait to see where she will take us next.

I was giving an advanced copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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