Thursday, September 1, 2016

August's Owlcrate Unboxing

I received my third owlcrate box a few weeks ago. After three months, I'm still excited to receive those so I will take this as a good sign :)

Soon, there will be a picture on my Instagram account with everything found in the box too. :)

Discovering the goodies in the box.

This month's theme was Fast Time at YA High and you could guess by the theme what it involved :) I didn't read the card like always wanted to be surprised by what I would find in it.

Next thing that I took out was this Decomposition Book. I really liked it because it's so practical, but it's also so pretty so I don't know when I'll be ready to use it and ruin it hahaha

Next i found this box is an Owlcrate original necklace. I haven't read the book Eleanor and Park, but I really do love the necklace they made based on the book.

After that, I picked up these these awesome buttons created by Taryn Draws. I really love it and need to find a place to use them without fear of losing them. I mean, just look at them? :)

So staying the Hogwarts mood, I found these beautiful print of the trio made by Suzanne Draws. Isn't just awesome? I love how she portrayed Hermione, Harry and Ron. It's simply amazing and I need to find it a place somewhere at my house.

This card was to announce Rainbow Rowell's books and I will eventually need to pick them up and finally read them... I mean, this box is clearly sending me a message ;)

After that, I found this Stress Relieving Patterns book which is pretty awesome. Blue Star Coloring made it happen and I can't wait to try to draw within these pages. I haven't done that in a long time.

Finally, I get to the bottom of the box and found this book I have heard so much about: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. A printed letter was sent along with it a signed bookplate. :) But this time, we also received colored pencils along with the book :) Wonder where I'll use them ;)

Of course, I found the card with next month's theme box. Drumroll....


And I'm super excited for this box. I really can't wait to see which book we will be getting and more than that, we are receiving a spooky and peculiar new item in this box... I'm really curious what it could be

This was my third owlcrate unboxing. Next month, I will have a new unboxing to show, but soon, I will post the first unboxing of my Uppercase box.

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