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Review: Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton (Cocktail, #2)

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In this sequel to Wallbanger, the second book in the Cocktail series, fan favorites Caroline and Simon negotiate the rollercoaster of their new relationship while house-sitting in San Francisco.

Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on her honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy long hours to keep the interior design company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel on Sausalito. So with her hotshot photographer boyfriend gallivanting all over the world for his job, she and Simon are heavy-duty into “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mode. Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! Then Simon decides he’s tired of so much travelling, and he’s suddenly home more. A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out. Neither wants “out of sight, out of mind,” but can they create their own happy mid-ground cliché?

Read from: July 8 to July 13, 2015
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Caroline and Simon. I really love the way these two interact with one another and what to say about their friends? There's not a dull moment in this book.

In this sequel, you get to see how the relationship between the two of them is evolving through drama, humor and sexy moments. Through all of this, you get to see them struggle as their routine changes and they try to work around it.

I think that the reason I enjoyed this so much is because through Caroline's eyes, you get to see the struggle that we all go through whenever a new development happens in a relationship. You see her doubt and it makes her so much more relatable to the readers in my opinion.

Simon's character is probably one that changed the most since book one, but I really enjoyed that we got a glimpse of his past life when he goes to his High School reunion and I was glad that Alice Clayton gave us that because I believe it gave us an insight of who he was back then and it helped him make-up with things he had long repelled due to the tragedy that occured in his life.

Simon and Caroline are both changing and it clashes from time to time, but you can tell that they love each other and you just want them to work out their problems because, let's face it, they are perfect for one another.

And what about their friends? Oh yeah, some drama occurs for them too and Caroline and Simon are stuck in-between while trying to work out their own drama. I just love every characters in this book because they are all funny and bring something interesting to this story. Before starting this book, I hadn't realized how much I missed all of them.

And what to say about Clive? Can anyone say they don't like that cat? I really adore him and I was really impatient to get to the end of the book to see his chapter.

And as much as I enjoyed this book, I will admit that the beginning went really fast. They fastforwarded it in small bits just so we saw a little where their relationship was at until they reached the present moment, but I would have loved to have more details. I just felt like we might have missed some important details.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The development of the characters, the interaction between each of them and the author's writing made this into an amazing story.

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